Are you in a state of boredom?  Life not to exciting for you? When someone asks you “what have you been upto” do you say “same o same o”? At times I play it safe and answer with safety. I’m really cautious and careful even as I write this I’m wondering how are people going to perceive me. Well deep down inside I believe you kind of have to not give a sh*t! Let me clarify.

The minute we do or say something that makes our peers look at us and say “WTF”, we feel what I’d like to call the Lizzy resistance(AKA FEAR). Whether were talking to an attractive person, a senior executive, or someone of supposedly of high status we must realize that there is no real danger and only opportunity. We must surrender all outcomes and just be present. Once we do that were tapping into our fullest potential. In most cases we don’t have a choice of feeling the Lizzy because everyone has a comfort zone and when you attempt to change or do something different there go’s the Lizzy being a little Lizzy! LOL. Its kind of funny once you become conscious you laugh at all the silly stuff you been too scared to do. But there is no real threat most of the time. That’s when its time to be bold, be yourself, and do it anyway!~Joshua Gonzales