Here I go! Jumping into the middle of the ocean with the unknown. The ocean is cold, deep, and filled with sharks….yikes!! I’m really terrified but I know it’s where I belong and where my purpose is. For me jumping into the middle of the ocean at night is the scariest thing I can imagine. What is your greatest fear?

What is a fear? I read in an article in Psychology Today by Karl Albrecht who simplified the definition of fear as follows: An anxious feeling, caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience.

“The only fear is fear itself.”-Franklin Roosevelt

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”-Marianne Williamson

In a course of miracles, the author mentions we have two basic emotions, fear and love. In other words our behavior is motivated by fear or love. It would be impossible to act from both because love is in denial of fear and fear is simply afraid of love. There is also the dichotomy of dark and light which describes these two emotions. Light is usually viewed as love and dark as fear. However, I’d like to point out the light in fear for a moment. Our fears is usually the reason why we avoid certain situations, downplay feelings, and stops us from growing. What if we viewed fear as NEUTRAL INFORMATION instead of something not to do or reason why to shame ourselves. We experience anxiety for a reason unique to us but what if we used it as a compass. Our own shadows can be perceived as light itself! This change in perception may encourage one to say “fuck it” and “go for it anyway”. The perception of your anxiety can literally be translated into excitement and used as energy to go for what you’ve been holding off on.

Be motivated by fear and love!!!

There’s an inner guidance which is crystal clear about where to go. There’s also FEAR that can also be used as guidance.

Using fears as guidance takes a deeper look at the meaning of your fears. Why am I afraid of deep oceans? Or am I just afraid of infinite possibilities? Why am I afraid of the cold? Or am I just afraid of feeling uncomfortable doing new things? Why am I afraid of sharks? Or am I just afraid of social interactions with people of perceived higher value? What am I really afraid of? What conversations am I having internally? SELF-WORTH, TRUST, FEAR OF SUCCESS. Look deep inside yourself at those conversations that control you. NAME IT and the anchor loses its grip. FACE IT and you start to break it down. Understand them and you experience LIBERATION.

I’ve been hesitating to put myself out there and express myself fully. You’ve experience a bit of it but that’s just me playing on the shallow end. Writing, speaking, creating, and taking risks is me jumping in the middle of the ocean. I keep hearing this is the year of action and action requires stepping into fear to realize it’s been a joke all along. The ocean is filled with life, joy, abundance, unity, and infinite love. Jump in.