Erin has a unique mental health approach to personal and corporate well being where she helps individuals access and align with their truth through based on her “revel philosophy” including self-compassion, vulnerability, self-care, flexibility, and spirituality.  

  • The stigma of mental health therapy
  • Where to draw the line between coaching and the need for mental help
  • A very unique perspective of love that encourages to revel in being alone(single) but not feeling alone

Tell us how Project Revel was born? (Joshua)

Project Revel was born out of my own journey and experience….. (Erin)

Do you think therapy has stigma today? (Joshua)

“Yes and it’s unfortunate because even though therapy is designed for mental illness that’s not only way people can benefit from therapy……..” (Erin)

Where do you draw the line between coaching and Therapy? (Joshua)

“This is such an interesting debate for the mental health world is very regulated so there’s a board that tells you what you can and cannot help people with ……and then you go to the coaching realm and it’s sort of no holds bar and do whatever you want to do essentially and if people find value in your services that’s the metric in the coaching world……” (Erin)

If you have a phobia or diagnosed with depression technically you should be treated by a therapist but there’s so much crossover that the line is often blurry. It think what it boils down to is that everyone needs a different type of help and only they know what’s going to be helpful for them……” (Erin)

 “But essentially we are doing the same thing no matter what role we are helping people ease their suffering and were helping people through difficult things, holding space, listening, not judging, we are loving and validating and that holds truth for me whether I’m working as a therapist or as a coach.”(Erin)

How do you know the difference between the things you want or the things you are conditioned to want?

“The process of unlearning what we have been taught to want so that we may courageously pursue what we truly want is ongoing and ever-evolving. “ Erin Kameiko

“Truth be told, I don’t think you know until you have the things that you’ve been taught to want and then it doesn’t feel like enough.” Erin Kameiko

Round 2: Up and Personal

Have you ever been in love before? If so, what was that experience like for you? (Joshua)

“The Source of some of my highest moments and some my lowest.” Erin Kameiko

What has been your major block to love and how did you or are you overcoming it? (Joshua)

“I think my patterns have been being the overachiever, supporter, giving, coming 90%, hustling for my worth, and I think I always had trouble receiving and really believing that person is giving from a genuine place. Of course being a reflection of my own beliefs of what I deserve……”(Erin)

What is your love language? (Joshua)
Words of affirmation, I can care less about gifts and acts of service. (Erin)

What kind of cultural background and value systems did you grow up with?

How did this experience impact the way you manage your romantic relationships today? (Joshua)

“Growing up in a home where my parents are now separated has made me take honest look at the relationships I engage in and not settle.”

“Japanese culture is very traditional gender roles but as you can tell I am very nontraditional person so the idea of coming into a marriage or relationship with an already prescribed role like cleaning, or the sensitive one, or the feminine one that’s not what I plan on bringing to the table.”

What was your most profound experience of love?

I really believe that my outer love a reflection of what’s going on inside and that our ability to give and receive love is our ability to love ourselves.

Why do women settle in relationships?

“Often people fall in love with the idea of someone or the potential of someone.

If there is a single woman struggling in a long-term relationship and listening right now, what message do you have for her?

“We should never choose our fear of being alone over our authentic happiness because being alone is not nearly as bad as we think it is. I’m alone(single) and don’t consider myself a lonely person. And when you engage the joy and growth of being single you will attract a relationship where you will never have to lie to yourself to stay happy in it.” (Erin)

Final Question Round:

Choose a person you love dearly in your mind. Ready? If you had unlimited resources to create an unforgettable experience for them, what would you do if you had one day to accomplish this? Take us through the day.

A full day of indulging and reveling the day, baby animals, connection, waynes world and big fluffy bed. (Erin)

What’s your definition of love?

A place where you go to shed the layers that you wear in the outside world……(Erin)