WILL POWER is a very CONSCIOUS act and can be wielded in the moment. If your mind is steering you towards comfort and safety that’s a red flag to change your state of mind. Our habits and belief systems are so powerful that it can lead us towards a slow destruction but we can change the limited ones by using our WILL POWER.

As you know life is made up of a bunch of challenges, tests, roadblocks and all kinds of problems. Now we all have a choice as to how we perceive these challenges but why not perceive in a way that’s going to empower you right. Right or wrong. Now I think were all taught to play victim as were kids. Remember when you fell or got hurt some way our parents were quick to come to the rescue and tell you ohhhh…. ya poor thing. Even as were older, most of our friends still treat us like victims when we tell them our problems. Somewhere along the line we’ve become overly co-dependent on each other. This doesn’t empower us at all and instead diminishes our power.

Please don’t mistake me as one that banks on INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY  In general I don’t believe we can achieve individual responsibility because we have limited will power. And we have very limited will power because we’ve been brought up and hardwired to play victim.

In order to have will power we have to be AWARE that we don’t have any will power.

We are ultimately controlled by our belief system we’ve bought into as a child. Not our fault. Its not even our parents fault. They also fell into the same trap. It’s not about blame its about truth. Here it is. When you start to go to that place of LOVE very often you become more compassionate and aware of beliefs that don’t serve you. When you become aware you can consciously use your WILL POWER to change any habit or belief in the moment. Go to that place of love be aware and realize that you are not your beliefs only than will gain more power.~Joshua Gonzales