Remembrance!!! You know were “remembering” when the Catholic church speaks of “spreading love” and “kindness” for EVERYONE! GAY…STRAIGHT…PRO-LIFE….PRO-CHOICE!!! EVERYONE deserves and is WORTHY of LOVE even if seems like they don’t seek love. The amount of love we spread in the world can be used as a measure of Remembrance. Remembering you are not the separate, confused, fearful, unworthy people we fooled ourselves into being. INSTEAD>>>the loving, light, peaceful, worthy, oneness, son ship, conscious eternal beings we were born to be. Every time you CHOOSE to ACT from LOVE versus FEAR you remember the truth of who you are. AND when you can give that love to others WITHOUT CONDITIONS that’s when you really GET IT. You GET that LOVING OTHERS MEANS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

Pope Francis Condemns Racism And Declares That “All Religions Are True” At Historic Third Vatican Council